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tangaroa's Journal

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Warrior Tang
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IRC (how could they not have a field for that?) as Tangaroa on Sandwich.net#spork and Freenode.net#nblug. Best luck catching me by aim, then IRC, then ymessenger.

Political disclaimer: Warrior Cecrops Tangaroa is not a real warrior, he just plays one on the Internet. The handle's an old RPG character that predates my interest in politics.

See what others are saying about Warrior Tang:

Wow. Just... wow. The astonishing degree of willful ignorance demonstrated by the comment of this "Warrior Tang" doesn't even rate a point-by-point disassembly; it's a perfect example of fractal wrongness. - Seraphiel, Eschaton
You'll have to hole up in Frisco, build barricades, wrap your heads in tinfoil and censor the Internet feed. Your only concept of the outside world or your own past will come from public school textbooks and old Indymedia archives. "Someday man will walk on the moon, and oppress the helpless noble Mooninites!" Soon you'll be molesting your kids and waiting for a spaceship behind a comet to take you all to a socialist worker's paradise. Meanwhile, the rest of us will slap this silly planet into shape. Then we'll pave the Bay area for a parking lot and put you all in zoos. - Marlowe, Ziwethey
[edited for profanity and commenter's IP banned - Beldar] - Beldar, BeldarBlog
I'm not reading nukefreezone.net anymore because of content-free, offensive messages like this. - Andrew, Live From the Nuke Free Zone
You Republican trolls are really just not very good a trolling anymore. - Armando, Daily Kos
I never would have believed that I'd see someone with the mind-set of Eichmann posting at dKos. - Alexander, Daily Kos
Tangaroa: antisemite, antigentile, Ziontologist (tm) hateful warmongering chickenhawk liar. - neocognitism, Digg
#spork, 80s music, abney park, alt.sysadmin.recovery, alternate history, anime, apache, arcgis, army of darkness, ater draconis, attila and dave project, babylon 5, billy joel, bofh, boirc, brisco county, bruce mackinnon, c, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, coding, collective soul, comp.risks, computer science, computers, copyright law, cshoot, css, databases, dave matthews band, depeche mode, discordianism, dorsoul, due south, fark.com, final fantasy, fnord, free software, freebsd, freeciv, gcc, geek culture, george of the jungle, gis, gnu, government, guns and roses, haxe, hellfighter, history, html, humour, irc, javascript, jay and silent bob, joan baez, judy collins, justice, kibo, kolchak: the night stalker, kuro5hin.org, lacuna coil, law, liberty, logic, lord of the rings, mapserver, mozilla, mst3k, ncurses, network administration, networking, newgrounds, nfl, nick anderson, ntk.net, nukefreezone, o'reilly books, ogg vorbis, open office, parodies, perl, php, pixar, politech, politics, programming, python, reel big fish, rocky and bullwinkle, ruby, sandwich.net, slack, slashdot.org, sluggy freelance, sonoma county, space: above and beyond, spaceballs, sql, squaresoft, srjc, stone temple pilots, subgenius, sysadmin, system administration, tcp/ip, the court jester, the daily show, the japanese beetle, the jihad against barney, the moody blues, the offspring, the onion, the princess bride, the reality based community, the register, the rolling stones, the twilight zone, the u.s. constitution, tom tomorrow, uhf, unix, vi, video games, warner brothers cartoons, web design, webcomics, weird al, x-files, xkobo, xml, xpath, xsl, xslt, yalort, ziwethey

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