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About effing time

Windows Update says:

"Install this update to restrict AutoRun entries in the AutoPlay dialog to only CD and DVD drives. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer."

Been waiting for this one since the problem was autorunning CD and DVD drives, and we've gone through a few UI revisions that make it harder to turn autorun off. Now black hats will have to leave CDs around parking lots and cafeterias instead of dropping USB sticks. Bonus points for printing a music album cover on the disk (anyone know how much it costs for the equipment to do that?) and for laying down the tracks on it in addition to the data.

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Great, that means that you won't be able to install anything other than a licensed authentic 100% windows distro unless you format the hard-drive first... [live cd's with linux distro's aren't always recognised by the bios.]

Come to think of it, that'll also really screw anyone with a netbook with no optical drive.
This isn't about booting off a drive or running things manually, this is only about running the contents of a CD or a flash drive automatically. Anything you could do before, you can do now, it just might take a few clicks instead of happening instantly.

(Including virus and malware installation, which is what this change is for.)
I've got a CD/DVD duplicator with a print function at work, it runs ~$1200 but I think you can get just a printer for less. Labels are cheap though, and most people wouldn't pay that much attention.